Mouse Blocker Pro 12 Volt


Powerful 12 Volt Rodent Deterrent
The Mouse Blocker Pro 12 Volt is the most advanced rodent deterrent available for your vehicle. The Pro 12 Volt unit is perfect for your daily driven vehicles or equipment.


– Automatic shutoff when vehicle is started (13V) or battery voltage drops below 11V

– 12 Volt Powered with only a .060 mA draw
– Simple 2 Wire Hookup
– All Aluminum Case
– Advanced Micro Processor

– Dual Strobing White LED’s added to our Most Powerful Ultrasonic output ever doubling the deterrents
– Powerful: Adjustable with 3 different levels of Ultrasonic frequency making this unit VERY Loud!!
– Mode Select button
– Off
– Low = 85db
– Medium = 95db
– High = 110db – 300 times louder than any other unit on the market today!!

Bulk Discounts!
2-4 Units Save 5%
5+ Units Save 10%

Note: Replacement fuse part number F5AL250V

The MouseBlocker Pro is the most advanced rodent deterrent available for your vehicle. The MouseBlocker Pro takes everything great about the Original MouseBlocker and makes it better. The Powerful Ultrasonic Sounds emitted from this unit are now adjustable and now even 200 times more powerful than the Original. This unit also adds a new deterrent in the form of 2 Bright Strobing LED lights simply adding another feature the rodents do not like in our attempt to make the area very uncomfortable for the rodents to nest.

Our All Aluminum Alloy case is designed to protect our new advanced microcomputer and dissipate heat. Simple 2 Wire hookup wires directly to the vehicles battery. When the vehicle is parked and the engine is not running the MouseBlocker goes to work to protect the area you have it mounted. Once you start the vehicle our microcomputer will automatically sense a change in voltage and turn the MouseBlocker Pro OFF. While sitting if the battery voltage drops below 11V the microcomputer will also shut the unit off as to not drain the battery too low (this takes about 10 days on a standard car battery).

The Mouseblocker PRO is very powerful and uses .6 watts of power to operate.  The unit will shut itself off to protect the vehicles battery when voltage drops to 11V, this usually takes about 10 days on a standard car battery.  We do not recommend this model for use on applications that sit for more than 10 days without reuse or charging.

Use what the Pros use:  This product is sold at hundreds of New Car Dealerships, Parts stores, tractor and motorcycle dealerships throughout North America!!  Protect your vehicle today with the NEW MouseBlocker Pro!!

Note: This unit is LOUD, 200 times louder than any other unit on the market today (trust us we tested them all)  and on the highest settings most humans can hear the sounds emitted as will some household pets like cats and dogs. The sounds WILL NOT harm them in any way you will just notice the animals will leave the area the unit is located and if under the hood of your vehicle the sounds for the most part will be contained to the engine compartment anyways.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 17.78 × 13.97 × 8.89 cm